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About CIEL

The Centre for Innovative and Entrepreneurial Leadership (CIEL, “sky” in French) strengthens organizations and small communities by assisting them:

We have done this by building custom programs, innovative tools and fun, engaging workshops delivered across Canada, the U.S, New Zealand and Australia.

Contact Executive Director Mike Stolte to find out how CIEL can energize your organization or community.

Mike Stolte


What Others Are Saying About CIEL

“Mike Stolte is the most fascinating economist ever!”
– Shelagh Rogers – CBC Radio Host

“Mike and his tools and processes are wonderful to work with. He knows communities. The depth of CIEL’s tools bring credibility, rigour and confidence to the process.”
– Antoinette Danaher, Uncommon Solutions PL, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

“CIEL’s insight into what makes communities tick and their ability to translate those insights into real world tools, strategies and actions are worth a look.”
– Michael Buda, Senior Policy Analyst, Federation of Canadian Municipalities

“Working with CIEL was one of the best most rewarding processes I’ve ever been involved in professionally.”
– Grant Myers – Provincial Development Officer, CEDEC

“The tools provide important benchmarks and are measurable – something communities need. Besides that, the processes are fun, easy to understand and engaging.”
– Mike Dalmau, High Country Management Enterprises

“The CIEL Team is the most innovative organization in the region. And we’ve got lots of dynamic, innovative organizations in this region.”
– Kelvin Saldern –  Executive Director, Kootenay Association of Science & Technology



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